Saint Gobian Glass

Saint-Gobain, a benchmark brand in glass, brings with it a legacy of over three and a half centuries. A Fortune 500 Company today with operations in more than 64 countries and annual sales in excess of over € 43 bn., Saint-Gobain has transcended time and continues to redefine the standards of glass.

Saint-Gobain caters to the Export markets with the largest sustainable product range involving :

1.   Exterior Applications : Advanced Solar Control and Thermal Insulation Glass Solutions
    a. SGG Reflectasol
    b. SGG Antelio Plus
    c. SGG Cool-Lite
    d. SGG Evo
    e. SGG Nano
    f.  SGG Envision

2.   Interior Applications : Contemporary Glass Solutions
     a. Durable Lacquered Glass : SGG Planilaque Evolution
     b. High end Mirrors : SGG Miralite Evolution
     c. Patterned Glass : SGG Masterglass
     d. Extra Clear Glass : SGG Diamant
     e. Electrically Operable Glass : SGG Priva-Lite

3.   Fire Safety Solutions : 60 mins to 120 mins protection
     a. SGG Pyroswiss
     b. SGG Contraflam

4.   Solar Applications : Glass for PV modules and Concentrated Solar Power Mirrors
      a. SGG Albarino
      b. SGG Miralite Diamant

Saint-Gobain Glass India is a pioneer in the Green Building Industry. As a Founding Member of Indian Green Building Council, Saint-Gobain has been involved with over 90% of Green Buildings today in the sub continant, providing sustainable glass solutions.

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