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Exterior Wall Suspended Platform Gondola Zlp630


Basic Info
  • Model NO.: Zlp630
  • Application: Construction Usage
  • Sling Type: Wire Rope
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Installation: Assembled
  • HS Code: 84289090
  • Electric Control Box Type: Ltd63
  • Suspended Platform Size: 7.5m, 6m, 5m or Customized
  • Specification: CE
  • Type: Lifting Platform
  • Tower Crane Type: Slewing Tower Crane
  • Main Girder Form: Double Girder
  • Moving Type: Crawler
  • Certification: ISO9001: 2000, CE, SGS
  • Rated Load: 630kg
  • Material: Aluminum Steel
  • Color: Orange,Black,Silver
  • Origin: China

Product Description 

Main technical parameters


Model and parameters
Rated load 800kg
Ascend speed 9~11m/min
Suspended Platform size
Wire rope 4×31SW+NF-8.3                minimum breaking force:53kN
Hoist Hoist model LTD63
Rated lifting force 6.3kN
Type YEJ90L-4
Power 1.5kW
Voltage AC380V,                                    3-phases(AC415V,3-phases)
Braking torque 15N·m
Safety lock type Tilt-proof safety lock
Suspension mechanism Height adjustment 1.15m~1.75m
Front beam extent 1.1m~1.7m(should reduce the load on the suspended platform when extent is 1.5m or more)
Machine weight Suspended platform (including hoist,safety lock,electric control box) 5490kg(steel)         340kg(aluminium)
Suspension mechanism 2*175kg
Balance weight 1000kg
Whole machine weight   (no-including wire rope and cable) 1790kg(steel)       1650kg(aluminium)
The voltage and frequency of the motor can be manufactured to meet the needs of the buyer's

1. Every spare part is marked by the laser for the sales service. 
2. The bad wire rope can work through the new type hoist normally. 
3. Suspended platform can be customized as the specific requirements  by the customers.
4. Adjustable Suspension Mechanism----besides the standard suspension mechanism,our company can design the special suspension mechanism according to various types of structure.

ISO 9001:2000,CE and GMC certification 
Link: http://jyagsl.en.made-in-china.com/product/iXonLITyfCcK/China-Exterior-Wall-Suspended-Platform-Gondola-Zlp630.html

Suspended power working platform is a convenient and useful equipment for construction and decoration in the high buildings.
Suspension power Working Platform is a temporary, flexible high access equipment for maintenance and construction work. distinguished from permanent access equipment. It can be disassembled conveniently.
Standard Suspension mechanism, also we could according to building construction to design.
Suspended power working platform is a convenient and useful equipment for construction and decoration in the high buildings.
It, compared with traditional scaffolding, can save labors and time to maintain the high buildings, such as industry workshop, water tower, bridge, TV tower, big chimney, cenotaph,dam,etc..
Besides, Suspension Working Platform can be used to lift specific weight.
In a word, Suspension Working Platform is a good helper for construction and decoration of high buildings
Link: http://suspended-platforms.bossgoo.com/suspended-gondola/temporary-suspension-mechanism-suspended-power-gondola-platform-equipment-suspended-gondola-4303703.html
The MGS72/30 aluminum miter saw features a stable, grinded continuous support table with a turn table on precise bearings.


o    Pivoting range 0°- 45° adjustable to the left and to the right
o    Positive location points at 15°, 30° and 45°
o    Saw blade diameter 380 mm
o    Spindle speed 2.800 r.p.m.
o    Power supply 230 / 400 V, 3~, 50 Hz
o    Power output 3 kW
o    Length 720 mm, width 660 mm, height 620 mm, weight 120 kg
Hammer Drill

A hammer drill, also known as a "rotary hammer", "roto-drill" or "hammering drill", (see also rotary drill) is a rotary drill with a hammering action. The hammering action provides a short, rapid hammer thrust to pulverize relatively brittle material and provide quicker drilling with less effort. These tools are usually electrically powered, and increasingly powered by batteries. The same technology is also used in electric "demolition hammers", also known as "chipping guns" or "breakers".

A hammer drill has a specially designed clutch that allows it to not only spin the drill bit, but also to punch it in and out (along the axis of the bit). The actual distance the bit travels in and out and the force of its blow are both very small, and the hammering action is very rapid—thousands of "BPM" (blows per minute) or "IPM" (impacts per minute).

Although each blow is of relatively low force, these thousands of blows per minute are more than adequate to break up concrete or brick, using the masonry drill bit's carbide wedge to pulverize it for the spiral flutes to whisk away. For this reason, a hammer drill drills much faster than a regular drill through concrete or brick. Holes in hard materials are needed for anchor bolts, concrete screws and wall plugs.

Hammer drills almost always have a lever or switch that locks off the special "hammer clutch," turning the tool into a conventional drill for wood or metal work. Hammer drills are more expensive and more bulky than regular drills, but are preferable for applications where the material to be drilled concrete block or wood studs is unknown.

For example, an electrician would use a hammer drill for attaching items (such as an electrical box) to either wood studs (if used as a conventional power drill) or masonry walls (if used as a hammer drill).
Silicon Gun

 Size:  15inch /600ml/20oz  Drive:  Manual
 Trigger & Handle  Material:  Aluminum Alloy  Middle Plate:  Powder Metallurgy
 Tube Surface::  Blue Oxidation  Diameter Of Rod:  7.8MM Smooth Rod With Black Treatment
 OEM:  Allowed  Accessories:  Per White Nozzle

Heavy Duty Sausage Caulking Gun, 600ml Manual Caulk Gun

Quick Detail:
1, Size: 15inch /600ml/20oz
2, Drive: Manual
3, Aluminum cap & screw
4, Trigger & handle material: aluminum alloy
5, Middle plate: Powder metallurgy
6, Tube surface: Blue oxidation
7, Diameter of rod:7.8MM smooth rod with black treatment
8, Accessories: per white nozzle
9, Packaging: Per white box, then 20piece/ctn
The sausage gun TF-F022-C fits 20 OZ cartridges used for high viscosity material. The revolving frame allows the barrel to rotate for maintaining the same bead orientation when caulking around corners . Blue oxidation tube surface ,black treatment rod , improve the product's aesthetic.  Excellent quality , Professional service ,OEM allowed and Timely delivery. In addition , we also can supply plastic accessories processing custom service . And specializing in the production of plastic products for more than 20years.
Applications :
Widely used in interior decoration , such as window, door and floor, suitable for 20 oz high viscosity material. Mainly used to fill the gap.
Size 15inch /600ml/20oz
Drive Manual
Trigger & handle material Aluminum alloy
Middle plate Powder metallurgy
Diameter of rod 7.8MM smooth rod with black treatment
Tube surface Blue oxidation
Accessories per white nozzle
Packaging Per white box, then 20pcs/ctn
MEAS 63*49.5*35CM
GW/NW 16/15KGS
20 FCL 5120pcs
OEM Allowed
Rivet Gun

A rivet gun, also known as a pneumatic hammer is a type of tool used to drive rivets. The rivet gun is used on the manufactured head side of the rivet and a bucking bar is used on the buck-tail side of the rivet. The energy from the hammer in the rivet gun drives the work and the rivet against the inertia of the bucking bar. As a result, the tail of the rivet is deformed and work-hardened.

At the same time the work is tightly drawn together and retained between the rivet head and the broadened and flattened tail. Nearly all rivet guns are pneumatically. Those rivet guns used to drive rivets in structural steel are quite large while those used in aircraft assembly are easily held in one hand. A rivet gun differs from an air hammer in the precision of the driving force.

Rivet guns vary in size and shape and have a variety of handles and grips. Pneumatic rivet guns typically have a regulator which adjusts the amount of air entering the tool. Regulated air entering passes through the throttle valve which is typically controlled by a trigger in the hand grip. When the trigger is squeezed, the throttle valve opens, allowing the pressurized air to flow into the piston. As the piston moves, a port opens allowing the air pressure to escape. The piston strikes against the rivet set.

The force on the rivet set pushes the rivet into the work and against the buck. The buck deforms the tail of the rivet. The piston is returned to the original position by a spring or the shifting of a valve allowing air to drive the piston back to the starting position.